Pre-Workout – Explosion (Pineapple) (228g)

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Maximum+ Pre-workout is a full serve of German Creatine with muscle pumping nitric oxide arginine and skin tingling beta-alanine, caffeinated version contains 200mg of caffeine to keep you alert and focused for maximum explosive energy.




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Explosion is an advanced pre-workout supplement that is designed to optimise a wide range of functions while you train. Through careful selection, Maximum+ have formulated the best pre-workout supplement that will turbo-charge your workouts. We are delivering the most powerful and premium pre-workout supplement Australia has to offer.

Our pre-workout supplement is made using Ultra pure German creatine, nitric oxide arginine, beta alanine and caffeine. With this premium mix your system will reach maximum oxygen mobility, reduce lactic acid build up (helping you work harder for longer) and keep you alert and ready to conquer any workout you have planned.

Fuelling your body before a workout is essential for pushing your training to the limit, that’s why we offer the best pre-workout supplement that doesn’t compromise on taste. Available in delicious pineapple and watermelon, our pre-workout supplement is high octane mix that is specially formulated for maximum efficiency; which will assist you in pushing the benchmarks for your workouts.

If you hit the gym at 5am or have a hard day at work and the sessions feel longer, then it’s time to invest in a pre-workout supplement. Buy a pre-workout supplement that will make you feel energised each sessions and forget about those long tired gym days where you can’t seem to hit the last rep. We created this special formula to help you smash all your PBs and ensure a good workout each time.

Energize yourself for success with the best pre-workout supplement in Australia, with our premium mix you can push yourself to the limit each and every time. Buy pre-workout supplement that will make your stronger and fuel your muscles for each workout; we guarantee our mix will leave your buzzed and ready.


Creatine Monohydrate, Beta Alanine, L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG), Natural Malic Acid, Natural Pineapple Flavour, Silicon Dioxide (Anti-Caking Agent), Natural Citric Acid, Caffeine Anhydrous, Sucralose, Taurine.

Directions for Use

Mix 1 heaped scoop with 200mL of water before 30 mins of your workout to get explosive energy during your workout.

Recommended Consumption:
Consume no more than 1 serve per day.

2 reviews for Pre-Workout – Explosion (Pineapple) (228g)

  1. Shannon Muncie

    This pre-workout truly works. I have the pineapple flavor and it tastes amazing. It gives me more than enough energy. It’s unending energy. I love this product.

  2. Luke Mai

    Best Pre-workout protein powder ever. So delicious and really gets me going in the gym! I love pineapple flavor.

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