L-Glutamine Rice Fermanted – Essential (500g)

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Maximum+ L-Glutamine provides more glutamine then 4 jumbo eggs, 4 oz of lean beef, 3/4 cup of soybeans or a 4 oz of chicken breast. Because it is unflavoured it is easy to mix with water or juice or your favorite beverages.




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L-glutamine is one of the most abundant and important amino acids in the body. This incredible amino acid has strong muscle building properties, working to repair muscle fibres quickly and reduce recovery times. As this is essential to build and maintain muscles, Maximum+ plus have created a unique and smooth blend of L-glutamine powder that will elevate you to the next level.

We create L-glutamine powder of the highest quality, deprived from fermented rice and contains no traces of gluten or dairy; suitable for those with dairy intolerances and vegans! In a 5g serving of our L-glutamine powder will deliver more glutamine to you than 4 eggs, 4 ounces of chicken or beef and 3/4ths of a cup of soybeans. This helps you get the essential amino acid without having to eat in abundance, helping you reach your goals faster as L-glutamine powder aids weight loss.

By adding enough glutamine to your system you are able to lose weight and maintain muscle mass. L-glutamine powder aids weight loss as it assists in gut mobility and digestive function, a key aspect of nutrition and wellness. Load up on the best L-glutamine powder Australia has and you’ll maximise your nutrient absorption which you help you achieve your goals a lot faster.

Our L-glutamine powder is totally unflavoured, allowing you to easily add it to your favourite beverage or post work-out shake. You can use this supplement at any time, after a tough workout out or right before bed which will maximise your recovery in both situations. We want you to buy L-glutamine powder than will increase your efficiency and decrease your recovery time, so you can get back into the gym bulking those muscles up.

So, if you’re looking to buy L-glutamine powder that will maximise your recovery and muscle growth then look no further than our easy, premium blend. We’ve crafted the best L-glutamine powder in Australia that aids in weight loss, increases muscle mass and decreases recovery time. Maximum+ deliver the highest quality of L-glutamine powder in Australia to ensure that our customers are always fueling their body with the best supplement.


Rice Fermented L-Glutamine

Directions for Use

Mix 5g with 200mL of water or your favourite beverages as a part of a healthy diet and workout. Stir until dissolved. Consume immediately. You can also mix 5g of Glutamine with Maximum+ WPI.

3 reviews for L-Glutamine Rice Fermanted – Essential (500g)

  1. Amanda

    This L-Glutamine is exceptional!
    It’s totally flavorless which is perfect for mixing in protein shakes, green shakes, or a beverage of your choice.
    The consistency is the perfect powder
    Noticeable results.

  2. Elbert Marcum

    I have always had stomach/intestinal discomfort and to resolve this issue I have purchased L-Glutamine powder. Not only has it helped me with my stomach, but it is great for working out as well. I work out daily, and this powder has allowed me to exert myself in the gym for longer periods of time. This is a great product!

  3. Julie Petry

    Awesome Product! If you are looking for a 100% result then definitely you should try this L-Glutamine protein powder once, it works.

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