Plant Based Protein

Plant Based Protein

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Buy Pure Vegan Plant Based Protein Online From Maximum+

Available in all-natural vanilla and chocolate flavors, this high quality Organic Pea and Rice Protein Blend contains sprouted, fermented pea protein, sprouted brown rice protein, dairy-free coconut milk powder, and organic Stevia extract for the very best flavor and quality.

Containing no useless fillers to bulk it up, or nasty, unnatural tasting artificial flavors, this supplement is a great natural tasting and effective vegan plant-based alternative to traditional protein options. Made with the bare necessities that you need to build and maintain muscle, you won’t find added sugar or unnecessary filler in this convenient and tasty supplement, only the very highest quality plant-based protein from organic fermented sprouted peas and rice blended with all-natural flavors.

With 28 grams of high-quality protein per 40g serving, chock-full of vital branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), you won’t need to compromise your gains when you load up on this powerful plant-based blend. Highly concentrated, highly bioavailable plant protein will build and feed your muscles without aggravating the stomachs of those with dairy intolerances, triggering nut allergies, or compromising a plant-based diet.

To make this muscle-building blend, we start out with carefully grown and harvested organic brown rice and green peas, then we sprout them to get the precise balance of enzymes that’ll turn them into a protein powerhouse. For an extra hit of concentrated protein goodness, we ferment the sprouted green peas to peak protein and BCAA concentration before processing them into the exceptional product you see here.

A hit of all-natural flavour and organic Stevia extract finishes the product, and turns it into one of the best tasting protein blends you’ll find without compromising quality or adding excess sugar or chemically-tasting artifical flavors.

A few years ago, if you told the average gym-goer that there was a pure, delicious and effective plant-based alternative to animal-based protein blends, they’d have called you crazy. The future of protein has definitely come, and it’s right here in this Organic Pea and Rice Blend.