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    Maximum+ L-Glutamine provides more glutamine then 4 jumbo eggs, 4 oz of lean beef, 3/4 cup of soybeans or a 4 oz of chicken breast. Because it is unflavoured it is easy to mix with water or juice or your favorite beverages.

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An essential amino acid, L-glutamine is one of the key compounds your body uses to build and maintain muscle. Without enough glutamine your body starts to burn other amino acids for fuel, which can lead to the weightlifter’s worst enemy: muscle atrophy and weakness.

Our L-glutamine is of the absolute highest quality, derived from fermented rice, and contains no traces of gluten or dairy. Just one 5g serving of this stuff will get more glutamine in you than 4 eggs, 4 ounces of beef or chicken, or 3/4ths of a cup of soybeans. That’ll keep your body fueled and ready to repair and build muscle, no matter how extreme the workout. Go ahead, sneak in those extra reps. Break that plateau. This L-glutamine will have your muscles back to peak form before your next workout.

Totally unflavored, you can mix this with your favorite juice or water, or even your post-workout shake. Slam it down after a tough workout when your muscles are good and hungry, or right before bed for maximum recovery while you sleep. Some people have also reported that supplementing with L-glutamine has had anti-anxiety effects, leading to the sort of restful sleep that’s so essential for muscle growth and recovery.

Glutamine also plays a part in gut mobility and digestive function, a woefully underrated and under discussed aspect of nutrition and wellness. You’ll maximize your nutrient absorption when you load up on this high quality L-glutamine supplement. After all, what’s the use of meeting your body’s protein needs if your gut can’t process it all?

Overall, this is a great supplement for anyone interested in maximizing their recovery and muscle growth. If protein is the building block, L-glutamine is the foundation. You don’t think about it much, but if you don’t have it, you’re going to know it.