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    When you exercise or throughout the day, it’s important to stay hydrated and Maximum+ Intra-Workout BCCAs + Electrolytes is designed to help athletes, powerlifters, bodybuilders and weight trainers during their workout to train longer, harder and with more intensity with the taste of Natural Watermelon (Sucralose Sweetened).

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Everybody knows the importance of pre- and peri-workout supplementation, but are you taking care of your body’s needs during your workout?

You can’t crush your workout if your body is starved for fuel and dehydrated, so we blended together this intra-workout mix of high quality branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and vital electrolytes to keep your muscles fueled and your body well-hydrated so you can keep pushing through that marathon weight session, or endurance run.

Flavored with delicious natural watermelon and crafted with a balanced 4:1:1 ratio of the BCAAs Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine for maximum anabolic activity, L-glutamine to feed your muscles, naturally hydrating coconut water, and a blend of natural electrolytes to keep your system balanced, this intra-workout blend is perfect for any high-stress activity that works your muscles or makes you sweat, or simply for meeting your hydration needs over the course of an active day.

It hydrates like a sports drink, but with an added boost of branched-chain amino acids tailored to the specific needs of the real athlete who leaves it all on the field, on the track, or in the weight room, but doesn’t want to worry about muscle fatigue or burning precious amino acids during heavy exercise.

Potent but light and easy to sip between sets, on the sidelines, or during a run, this powerful intra-workout mix will meet the needs of even the hardest working strength or endurance athlete without causing the bloating or heavy, unpleasant full feeling you get from mixing heavier supplements with strenuous activity.

Step up your game and don’t just supplement before and after your workout: fuel your muscles when they need it, while you need it, and leave your personal records in the dust.