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    Maximum shaker with powder storage and vitamin pills storage and comes with spider spring and water gauge and grip.

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There’s nothing in the world more obnoxious than going to take a sip of your protein shake or other powdered supplement, and getting a mouth full of gritty, chalky clumps from a sticky, leaky lid because that shaker bottle you got from the bottom of a cereal box has a sad little plastic blender ball reminiscent of a bargain bin cat toy, and isn’t pulling its weight.

Avoid the grit with this Maximum+ branded premium shaker bottle, featuring a high quality spider spring blender component that will actually blend your supplement the way it was meant to be blended, not just break chunks of powder up into smaller lumps the way the cheapo bottle you got free at the supplement store does.

Also featuring a convenient leak-resistant flip lid, easy to drink from after a tiring workout but secure enough to keep your protein shake in the bottle and off of your gym bag; textured, stepped sides so sweaty, fatigued hands won’t lose their grip; two storage compartments, one for powder and one for vitamin pills, so you can blend your supplements up fresh when you need them; and a convenient measuring gauge right on the side of the bottle, so you can add the perfect amount of liquid to your shake.

More effective than the flimsy dollar store blender cup of unknown origin that you never use, and far more convenient, quiet and portable than a loud and bulky electric blender, this premium blender bottle simply works, and is sure to be a faithful companion for many workouts to come.

Chuck that free shaker cup in the recycling where it belongs, and get serious with this high quality, premium Shaker Bottle.